During WWII, so the legend goes, a couple of greenhorn airborne paratrooper soldiers were trying to bolster their courage before their first jump.
One said to the other, "You're scared about the first jump tomorrow, I'll bet."
"Nope, not a bit," paratrooper replied. Having recently seen a movie about the exploits of Geronimo, he said, "I'll yell, 'Geronimo!' when I jump out the door." Next day, true to his word, the trooper yelled, "Geronimo!" for all his fellow soldiers to hear, and the word became part of the American lexicon.
That's the story of yelling "Geronimo."
So it's in this spirit of fun and play that this Jeronimo! came to be. To learn more about Geronimo, go to http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Rapids/9755/geronimo.html

For less than the price of a movie; your child can jump non-stop with no time limit! Price for children-crawlers to 6 years : $6.50 (includes tax) 7 years  & up $8.00  No charge if parents supervise or jump.

Pass of ten jumps is $53.50(includes tax).

Children two and under have their own separate soft play area and small bouncy castle.
Parents can stay in the facility with their child, or you can choose to “drop off” your child.
Price for “drop-off”: admission plus $10/hour for up to 2 children; $5/hour more per additional child.

Jeronimo! members receive special pricing. J-Pass  is a card of 10 jumps for $53.50 (includes tax).

J-members receive discount coupons on walk-in prices. Click here to become a member.



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Email: info@jjumps.com

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© Copyright 2005 Jeronimo. All Rights Reserved
© copyright 2005 Jeronimo. All Rights Reserved