1. Have fun!
2. While obeying Rule 1, be polite, courteous, and share.
3. 3 T's: No teasing, tormenting, or torturing.
4. Wait until the child in front of you gets off the slide before you go. If your heads hit, you will see stars, just like in the cartoons. But it hurts and it is dangerous!
5. No flips, wrestling, or horseplay.
6. Don't run because you will knock someone down and hurt them. You can walk really, really fast, though.
7. Everyone MUST wear socks only, and no sharp objects in your pockets because you could poke a hole in yourself or the bouncy thing. Take off your jewelry, earrings, scarves, glasses, contacts, and retainers, too. Girls with hair past shoulder length: You will need to braid it or put it up so no one jumps on it.
8. Jump in the bouncy thing, not on the bouncy thing. No climbing on, neither.
9. There is a special area for really young kids. You can't go there. Besides, your stuff's cooler anyway.
10. To really young kids: Don't put the net in your mouth. Gross. And if you can read that, go to college because you're well ahead of your peers.
11. If we lose power, the bouncy will deflate slowly. Just get off. Last one off is a rotten egg.
12. Here's a weird one: If you are susceptible to injury from falls, bumps or bouncing, if you have head, neck, back or muscular- skeleton injuries or disabilities, please do not jump.
13. We may ask you to leave if you do not follow the rules. We are serious about that. We want you to have a ton of fun, but if you get too crazy, we will ask you to leave. Wouldn't it be great to have your birthday party here? Ask your parents. Tell them we'll do some or all of the preparation: cake, food, drinks, balloons, thank-you notes. Our party coordinator does all this for your parents so they can enjoy their time with you instead of spending time serving you.



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© copyright 2005 Jeronimo. All Rights Reserved